Business Insurance

businessContractors all risk Insurance

Cover for damage to property and other structures being constructed or to the existing building in which the construction is being carried out. Liability for third party claims for injury and death or damage to property. This product will thus provide cover for contractors on an all risk basis.

Marine Insurance

Marine cover for small craft, like motor boats, speed boats, yachts, jet ski’s and their trailers, including liability cover for passengers, skiers and third parties for injury and death or damage to property.

Transport Insurance

Transport cover on vehicles of commercial carriers for short and long distance haulage, the cargo carried and liabilities towards third parties for injury and death or damage to property.

Goods in transit Insurance

Goods in Transit cover for property against loss or damage while in transit from one place to another or being stored during a journey. All goods owned or transported on behalf of another party can be insured, both domestically and abroad.

Business Insurance

Business cover for all assets and vehicles owned by your business, liability cover towards other parties and employees.

Plant all risk Insurance

Plant all risk Insurance cover for accidental damage, fire, theft an malicious damage to plant and machinery which a contractor needs to facilitate execution of a contractors All Risk or an Erection All Risk project.

Motor and household Insurance

Motor and Household cover for the contents of your private dwelling, holiday home, personal belongings, private vehicles, caravan, trailer, sports equipment including liability cover against you as an individual for injury and death of another person or damages to any third party property.

Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Insurance – a combination of personal assets and vehicles and farming assets, vehicles, crop, livestock and pedigree animals, irrigation systems, liabilities arising from the agricultural activities and spread of fire.

Public and professional liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance – Cover for the costs of claims if a member of the public is injured by you, your employees, or accidentally whilst visiting your business. It also provide for cover to damaged property of another party while carrying out your business activities.

Professional Liability Insurance – Provides people with financial protection from lawsuits relating to their profession, e.g. malpractice insurance for doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and many other professionals.

Body corporate Insurance

Body Corporate – cover for physical loss or damage to Sectional Title properties based on the replacement value of the entire building less the cost of the land, geysers and common property. Cover on Trustees liabilities, employer’s liabilities, loss of rent, escalator and inflation clause and geyser maintenance is part of the basic cover.

Aviation Insurance

Aviation – Cover for loss or damage to various types of air craft such as aero planes, helicopters, sport planes whether owned, rent out, leased or hire pilots to fly.  Cover can also be extended to include liability cover for passengers, cargo and third party damages.

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