Can I receive a discount on my premiums if I have security measures in place?

If you have stated any security measures, or if we require measures or if a discount has been given for it, the security measure (burglar proofing on your windows , security gates on entrance doors, etc) must be in place at the time of a loss or damage. You have to therefore ensure that you comply if any security measures are required by your insurer.

For which value should I insure my vehicle?

Your vehicles should be insured for the current and reasonable value. Most vehicles depreciate over time, therefore the value has to be adjusted accordingly. And although, we as a broker would like to adjust it’s value for you, we are in no position to do so because of the fact that the correct insured value should make provision for non-standard fittings and other extras, as well as the outstanding finance amount. It is therefore in your best interest to regularly revise the insured values of your vehicles’ revaluation may even lower your vehicle premiums.

How do I make sure that my household contents are insured for the right value?

Always make sure that you insure your household contents for the amount that it would cost to replace any or all items in your house at today’s prices.

How do I prove ownership?

The insurer may require you to prove ownership of any items for which you claim, so always make that that you keep invoices, user manuals, valuation certificates, etc in a safe place.

What is Insurable interest?

In short-term insurance you are only allowed to insure items on your own policy that belongs to you or which protection you have financial interest. So, you can only insure property if you will suffer a direct financial loss should the item be damaged lost or stolen.

Ask yourself the follow questions:

Why do I need to specify items under All Risk Cover?

We all have personal items that we regularly use outside of our homes, such as cellular phones, golf equipment, watches, cameras, and so on. These items are used away from home and are often and more prone to loss, theft or damage. We advise that you specify these under the All Risk cover section of your policy. By specifying them, you will enjoy world-wide cover for these personal belongings.

Why do I need to stipulate the regular driver and the type of use of my vehicle?

The age of the regular driver of each insured vehicle and the type of use chosen are both critical factors when insuring a vehicle, since both these factors determine the premium that is charged. If you have a claim and that information is not accurate, the Insurer can decline the claim.

Why is Disclosure so important?

Your insurance history determines your risk and therefore also your insurance premiums. In the quoting process there are questions relating to your previous claims and insured periods. Answering these questions truthfully will prevent any problems when you claim.

Why is it so important to notify my broker when I upgrade my cell phone?

You pay a premium per item that is specified under the All Risk section of your policy. This premium is calculated according to that specific item and differs per item. Consequently at point of claim, the claim cannot be settled if the cell phone noted on your policy is no longer in use. It is therefore important that you specify your new cell phone the moment you upgrade it.

A friend who is experienced in assessment of short term claims is looking for work on a consultative basis in Kwa-Zulu Natal. What are your processes and contact persons in this regard.

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